eVideo Mediation

Lawyer in Toronto? Client in Timmins? No Problem.

eVideo mediation services allow you to conduct mediations seamlessly, in real time, when people are in different cities.

Participate in a mediation as you normally would: see and hear everyone, conduct private caucuses by making use of virtual private rooms, present and share documentation, and collaborate on settlement agreements.

Participants only need a computer with Internet access and a phone and we will supply the rest (including a webcam if you need it).



The eVideo mediation system uses an Internet connection and webcams to put you, your client and the other parties in the same virtual mediation room. There is no installation to be done and you will be running in minutes. Video feeds can be stopped and started at any time, and can be made private in virtual caucus rooms.

If you don’t have a webcam, we’ll provide you with one for no extra charge.

Audio Integration

Teleconference audio allows you to use regular telephones or cell phones that integrate with eVideo Mediation Internet feed. There is no computer setup, no software to download and no software installation. You don’t phone into the system; the system phones you.

You can see who’s talking, adjust volumes and interrupt just like you would in an in-person mediation.

Voice over IP (VOIP) audio (using your computer speakers and microphone) is also available.

Virtual Caucus

The mediator can put you into a virtual private caucus room where you can meet with your client to have private discussions and share private documents. The mediator can virtually knock on the door, asking whether you’re ready for the mediator to join your caucus.

File Sharing

Do you have files that you need the other parties to see? Upload and download files in real time.

Document Collaboration

Document Collaboration allows you to jointly draft material on the computer screen. You can brainstorm on the screen in caucus with your client and jointly draft a settlement agreement with the other side.


The chat feature allows you to send messages to the entire room, or confidentially to another participant (without others seeing the message). You can send the mediator or your client a private note, even during the joint session.


The cost for eVideo Mediation within North America is $250 per day per remote user (in addition to the mediator’s regular fee for the day). (If everyone is in the same room except for one person, that is one remote user.) The cost for international users will vary depending on the location of each user. eVideo Mediation is available for all Canadian Mediation Association mediations across the country.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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